Client Reviews

a client (5 star review)

Great advice
Brad came through with great advice at a time when I needed help on a very sensitive issue. His advice likely saved me thousands of dollars and months of litigation. I was able to make better decisions and chose the best course of action based on his insightful recommendations.

John (5 star review)

Excellent and easy to recommend
Brad is very easy to work with and I felt like my case was his case. It was not an easy claim as it took over 3 years to settle but Brad never lost of the goal. I would definitely recommend Egenberg Law to friends and associates.

Janet (5 star review)

Highly Recommended
Mr. Egenberg and his associates handled my case with dedication and diligence. Brad pursued all of the issues that were important to me and remained accessible throughout. Brad is professional, approachable and well prepared. I highly recommend him.

Rhonda (5 star review)

The BEST!!!
Brad is simply one of the most engaged attorneys I have ever worked with. He is absolutely knowledgeable and continuously engaged in you as a client. He remembers the smallest details and reaches out often. I feel comfortable under his professional care.

ImmanuelGilen (5 star review)

The best lawyer in New Orleans
Bradley is a reliable, dedicated, knowledgeable and fiercely loyal attorney. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I’ve worked with Brad on transactional work and a litigation matter. He is uniquely sensitive to client priorities, needs and (importantly!) deadlines. I’ve consistently found that he’s looking out for his clients, not his wallet. He doesn’t mince words, which is the rarest quality in legal advisors. And most importantly of all, his knowledge of the law is both broad and profound.

Michael (5 star review)

Top Notch Attorney!!!
I was referred to Brad Egenberg by an attorney/friend a few years ago to handle a BP claim for me for lost wages.

Brad was successful in getting a very satisfactory BP settlement for me. Since then, he has advised me and in real estate transactions, particularly negotiating commercial leases for property that I own. His fee was a fraction of the financial benefits that I yielded and he was able to lock in 2 long term leases that have proven to yield far more than I could have negotiated for myself.

With Brad’s help I am being paid restitution on funds owed to me by an individual who stole from me.

Not only has Brad provided excellent legal service and advice, but has also made introductions and acted in the capacity of a networker, which has benefited my business.

I am glad that I hired Brad Egenberg as my attorney and I highly recommend him.