Slip and Fall Hazards in the Office

Many of us prefer to believe that our workplaces are safe spaces that allow people to come and go freely without issue, but the unfortunate truth is that many office spaces throughout the country actually involve several significant dangers that can increase the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. Any person who suffers injuries in a slip and fall accident at work will want to be sure they are working with a New Orleans slip and fall accident lawyer.


The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that 42,114 people died in falls at home and work during the most recent reporting year. The victims included 805 workers killed by falls, with 211,640 being injured badly enough to require days off of work.


Common Reasons Slip and Fall Accidents Happen at Work

Many slip and fall accidents at work can involve the possible effects of adverse weather, so employers must be sure to take steps to clean up messes involving workers tracking in water from rain or snow. Some of the other common kinds of workplace hazards may include:

Cluttered Workspaces

Any workplace where employees have numerous cords or other objects out in walkways increases the likelihood of a person tripping and falling. Employers have to take measures to force employees not to infringe on walkways.


Staircase accidents may stem from various causes, including irregular steps, poor lighting, objects or other hazards being left on stairs, broken handrails, and steps in unexpected places. People should take their time navigating stairs and use caution when they see any warning signs. 


Escalator steps may not be the proper height for usual walking. People should avoid using escalators as stairs if the escalators are not operating. 

Uneven Floor Surfaces

Walkways could crack because of storm damage or other causes and can also be common places for water to collect. People must be cautious when walking outside in bad weather.


Many workplaces have ramps for assisting disabled individuals, but such ramps can become slippery when it rains or snows. Increased slopes can then become difficult to navigate, and people should not underestimate the risks of ramps with a low rise, especially when they have no handrails.

Parking Lots

Parking lots can be especially perilous places to walk, often because of inadequate lighting at night after work. Be mindful of any irregular surfaces and speed bumps if your office has them, as even though most speed bumps are painted in a bright color, some may still be difficult to see.



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Our firm understands how to investigate and then prove slip and fall cases, so you need not worry about having to deal with an insurance company alleging that you were solely at fault for your accident because we know how to prove the negligence of third parties. Call (504) 229-3117 or contact us online to take advantage of a free consultation with our New Orleans slip and fall accident lawyer.

What Do After a Scooter Accident in New Orleans

Electric and gas scooters are popular these days. They’re fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly. However, the popularity of scooters means there are more severe accidents. Scooter accidents are happening more often. JAMA Surgery reported that the number of e-scooter injuries in the US climbed from 4,582 in 2014 to 14,650 in 2018. 


Imagine if you’re hit by a driver when you’re on your scooter. You could be left with devastating injuries and a pile of medical bills. And you may not be able to work for months. What would you do? 


Below are essential steps to take if a driver hits you on your scooter. For more information, call a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans today.


Get Immediate Medical Attention 

After an auto accident, it’s essential to be seen by a doctor. But when you’re on a scooter or motorcycle, getting immediate medical attention is critical. 


You are entirely exposed to the violent forces of the collision on your scooter. You probably will be thrown off the scooter. You could slam into the vehicle that hit you, the ground, or both. There is a high probability you have serious injuries, which might include: 

  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • Back injuries
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Internal injuries
  • Joint injuries


Some scooter injuries may be apparent right away, but not always. For example, you could have internal bleeding or a concussion that you don’t notice for a day or two. That’s why it’s essential to get medical attention right away. 

The doctor will document all your injuries and ensure you get the treatment you need. Also, documenting your injuries immediately will help your personal injury attorney file a successful claim or lawsuit. 


Obtain the Police Report

The police should respond to the scooter accident. So you should ask for a copy of the police report at the crash scene. But if you’re too injured, you can contact the police later to receive a copy. You also can usually order a police report copy online. 


Even if you’re still in the hospital, now is the time to contact a scooter personal injury attorney. The sooner you get a lawyer the better. Even if the other driver was at fault, you still could say something that hurts your case. Therefore, you should only discuss the issue with your attorney present. 


Remember to choose an attorney with a lot of personal injury experience, ideally in scooter and motorcycle accident cases. 


Additional Scooter Accident Tips

After you have had medical attention and retained a lawyer, we recommend these guidelines: 

  • Don’t provide the other insurance company with a recorded statement unless your attorney is there. 
  • Don’t talk about your scooter accident on social media. 
  • Provide all of your medical bills and other accident-related documents to your attorney. 
  • If you are seriously injured and will miss a lot of work, give your attorney as much information about your job and salary as possible. Loss of future earnings can be a large part of a personal injury settlement. 


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Back To School Safety Tips


Summer is drawing to a close. This means your children are heading back to school for another fun year. Unfortunately, every new school year increases the risk of dangers, including car and pedestrian accidents. For instance, the CDC reports that one out of five kids under 15 who died in auto accidents were pedestrians. 

Fortunately, the back-to-school safety tips below can ensure you and your children stay safe this school year. 


Teach Children To Watch For Road Hazards


Keeping pedestrians and bike riders safe is possible with the simple tips below. Make sure your kids know these rules and practice them daily: 

  • Stop, look, and listen at every intersection. 
  • Put away anything that is a distraction, such as a cell phone. For example, don’t use earphones when walking or riding a bike to school. 
  • Wear reflective gear and have functioning lights or blinkers on bikes. 
  • Go over bicycle safety laws every year with your children. 


Also, consider carpooling to keep young children safe. However, if your child is old enough to drive, you should review driving safety tips at the start of every school year. Most importantly, cell phones should be shut off while the car is in motion. 


Bus Safety Tips

Many serious and fatal accidents involving children happen on and near school buses. Remind your child to arrive at their bus stop five minutes before it’s supposed to come. Also, tell them to: 

  • Stay at least five steps from the curb as the bus approaches. 
  • Always wait until the bus is at a complete stop and the driver tells you to board. 
  • Then, sit facing forward on the bus. 
  • Exit the bus after waiting for it to come to a complete stop. Look left-right-left when exiting and crossing the street. 


Bicycle Safety Tips

Do your kids ride a bike to school? This is an excellent way for them to get outdoors, exercise, and enjoy the fresh air. Keep them safe during the school year by reviewing these tips: 

  • Wear an approved helmet that is appropriately fitted. Make sure the chin strap is fastened. 
  • Ride the bike in the same direction as traffic. Follow all signals and traffic signs just as drivers do. 
  • Use a bike lane whenever there is one. 
  • Don’t use cell phones while on the bike. They’re distracting and make hearing difficult. 

Pedestrian Safety Tips

If your child walks to school or to the bus stop, these safety tips are critical: 

  • Walk on the sidewalk if there is one. If not, walk on the road shoulder towards traffic. 
  • When available, use a marked crosswalk when crossing the street. Look left, right, and left again for cars or bikes before you cross. 
  • Be sure you don’t play around or shove others when walking near traffic. 
  • All pedestrians should look at the sidewalk or road and not their phones. 

Injured? Contact Egenberg Trial Lawyers Today! 

The back-to-school safety tips above should keep your children safe this school year. If you are in an accident in New Orleans, you could face medical bills, lost earnings, and other expenses. Egenberg Trial Lawyers can help you get compensation for your losses and damages. Contact us today at (504) 229-2863.